Nazjatar Blood Serpent

This is a mount I got today after finding an Abyssal Fragment from a random mob while questing!

You need to collect 20 Abyssal Fragments to get this going. These are BoE, meaning you can send them to alts, sell them (or buy them!) on the AH. NOWS A GREAT TIME TO BE LOOKING BECAUSE PEOPLE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND WHATS IT’S FOR! (I got a bunch for super cheap)

After that, head on out to Stormsong Valley up to the Altar of the Abyss. 73.50, 23.61

Behind a small waterfall.


At the back of the cave..


Is this Altar. You click the fragments in your bags and voila!


As you can tell from the text.. Make friends. This elite hurts.

Head out to Warfang Hold and head into the mine! Inside you’ll find the flame at 58,85


After that, click away! You’ll find yourself face to face with an elite. Some stuff to interrupt and step out of, nothing major but still have yourself a tank/healer/3dps


At which point, the summoner ONLY (sadly) gets the mount! Thank your friends many times for helping you 🙂



and enjoy your new mount! 😀



Mage Tower: Tips and Tricks

Mage tower is coming to an end for Legion as far as we’re aware, and that means its time to really put the pedal to the metal! I recently completed my 36/36 and wanted to share some stuff with folks.

One of the biggest things I can tell anyone is, if you hear from me or anyone else that “this ones so easy” don’t beat yourself up. The person who said that may have been maining that class since Vanilla, or even have 40 ilvl’s on you. This is about preparing as much as you can, and kicking its butt. And hey! If you do it while a bit behind, you just get to be extra proud! 🙂

Below I’ll start with explaining each fight in enough detail to understand, but not so much that it’s super overwhelming(Hopefully)

After that, I’ll get into some tips and tricks I learned for each class where applicable.

Most frequently asked question I’ve had so far is Ilvl. My lowest were 930, I went through a lot of trouble with LFR or normal runs to get their ilvl up while mage tower was down! Also don’t forget to do the quests in Dalaran that lead to the mage tower. This is great to do in its downtime so you’re ready to go when its up.

They did recently announce that in the near future it will ALWAYS be up, this will help folks with timing but don’t just beat your head against it, prepare!  This is what I used for basic info before I tackled most!

If you already know how the fights work, scroll down a bit to tips and tricks 🙂



Lets start with Closing the Eye – Xylem

This is for Subtlety Rogue, Survival Hunter, Frost Deathknight, Arms Warrior, and Havoc Demon hunter


The fight itself starts with him chatting away. You’ll notice the iris in the middle with an X after it activates and if you run into these lines you’ll take damage and be pushed back.

He’ll be casting away at you and then trap you in ice, if you touch these icicles you’ll take a lot of damage if not one-shot.

Arcane phase is where he teleports away and you look for a shimmering off in the distance, while there are several versions of him in bubbles casting. If they finish their cast you get knocked out, THEY ARE INTERRUPTABLE! Kill one and your safely bubble will begin to shrink, just be prepared to move onto the next before its gone.

At this point he’s got a shadow barrage ability, dodge these even if it means you stop dpsing, they hurt a LOT.. but long as you pay attention super easy to dodge.

Here he can dive into either frost or arcane again, so be prepared for either.

After he’s brought down to 10% hp, he’ll attempt to revert what he’s done, and now you’ll be facing a very large shadow demon.

Pull him to an edge immediately as he’ll start dropping shadow puddles that will grow as this phase continues.

When he starts casting the beam on you, RUN, dont ever interrupt this. It will spawn 3 adds from you after 3-5 seconds, these must die before they reach him otherwise he heals. (Please note, if your toon is very geared and one heals him, you can recover)

He can absolutely enrage so save any major cooldowns for this.



Onto An Impossible Foe – Agatha (Imp mother)

This is for Feral Druid, Outlaw Rogue, Fire Mage, Unholy Deathknight, Fury Warrior and Elemental Shaman.

Few things to note, many adds:

Umbral Imp shields her, so these are a priority.

Smoldering Imps cast firebolt at you

Imp Servants will channel onto her and heal her+increase damage, this sounds bad but still second most important to kill in my opinion.

Fuming Imps will run right at you and drop a plague zone for the entire encounter.

She will also cast Dark Fury on herself which is a bubble, break it and interrupt her asap!

She will teleport away and start dropping boulders between 60%-50%, these hurt a LOT so make it a note to dodge dodge dodge while also doing all the same mechanics as before.

With Imp servants you can cc them slightly further away, stuns slows etc help to make them take longer and maybe give you a few extra seconds to clean up other mechanics.

She’ll teleport a couple more times throughout the encounter so get ready to catch up!



Next: Thwarting the Twins – The Ragespears

This is for Marksmanship Hunter, Frost Mage, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest and Affliction Warlock.

This one can get a bit chaotic, but stay calm and its very manageable!

So first step is noting: You just need to kill Raest to win, so he’s usually your main focus when hes not bubbled.

You start against Karam who chases you and will slowly gain a speed boost. If he catches you he will knock you back and do a crap load of damage. While chasing you he also puts down pools of bad that slow you.

When you get him down to around 33% then Raest becomes active. He will start summoning 3 total groups of shadow adds. They are slowable so keep that in mind.

Soon you’ll see a portal called “Hand from Beyond”. Interrupt and kill it ASAP!

Thing of Nightmare is another scary mechanic. You’ll see a rune on the ground and need to step onto it for a few seconds to make it dissapear, otherwise it will summon a void mob you do NOT want to deal with. (Big hits, and will easily keep up with you).

Dealing with all these mechanics at once is scary, but again, manageable. Just interrupt the portal and knock it down, take care of runes, and dont let anything catch up to you.



The God-Queens Fury – Sigryn and company

This is for Retribution Paladin, Arcane Mage, Demonology Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, and Assassin Rogue.

Sigryn and her 2 friends are a long fight, but no enrage timer so take your time! They have a shared hp pool so just attack whoever is most convenient in the moment.

To get used to these 3, here’s what they do:


Dark wings will spawn a line of Val’kyr outside the circle with one safe spot, this is important to find and get to so when they zip across the room you’re safe.

She’ll throw spear that leaves behind a puddle, while shes doing this you may want to keep the green goop out of the middle.

Blood of the father, don’t ever ever EVER let this cast go off. You must stun or hard CC her to keep this from happening.

***New Tip!*** (Suggested by @RealCeeJai)

She will only cast Blood of the Father 3 times total, so if you manage to cc or survive the 3, you’re home free from that mechanic the rest of the fight!


All you really need to worry about here is if you see his bubble up, break it and interrupt his cast.


Bladestorm – Easy to get out of, just move away

Bersekers rage – He does increased damage, kite him to keep him from thwacking you.


Couple things you’ll see now are runes, run over them to explode them (aim for the smallest first if you’re able), and also some lovely golden orbs, these heal you if you run through them.

Basically, thats the fight. You deal with mechanics, sometimes several at once. Just make a priority list in your own brain: Stun Sigryn on Blood of the Father, run over runes, break bubble, run from scary big dude. Save cooldowns to save your butt incase you get caught in the Val’kyr line, etc.



Feltotems Fall – Tugar Bloodtotem and the worm

This is for Windwalker Monk, Beast Mastery Hunter, Discipline Priest, and Destruction Warlock.

So there will be Tugar and his worm friend. Ignore the worm for now (unless you’re a caster, in which case dont get interrupted by Sonic Scream)

Phase one you’re just worrying about Tugar, You’ll want to watch out for Fel Burst and interrupt him. Usually a mix of interrupts and stuns will make this happen (or fears)

Whenever you see Fel Surge Totem, destroy it, this is a stun you don’t want to deal with.

There will be adds but they’re quite easy to kill, either cleave or knock them out.

Earthquake, dodge the swirls BUT then once they become a “pile”, step onto it when the worms coming at you. Keep in mind the boss will still be doing Fel burst/stun totem, and also an X of green fel on the ground you need to dodge. I advise you stand on the edge of the pile to keep the other side free.

Each time the worm hits the pile under your feet, he’ll lose some stacks of his armor.

Once Tugar is down, all you deal with is the worm.

He wont burrow anymore, but he does go into an enrage dealing more damage!

Try to interrupt sonic scream at this point where you can to avoid the damage of it. Otherwise, thats the fight!



The Highlord’s Return – Highlord Kruul the Cruel

This is for every single tank spec in the game.

So this fight is about doing as much damage as you possibly can while also surviving all the stuff coming at you.

First you start off with Inquisitor Variss. He’s surrounded by an aura where every second or so you’re in it you get a stack that decreases your overall HP. Its important to balance this with doing damage while not getting yourself killed. (4-5 stacks if lesser geared, can go higher if more geared). Interrupt his drain life ALWAYS. You can use stuns, interrupts, or the golden orbs that Velen is popping out. He’ll also be constantly tossing out Mind Rends that hurt a lot, but basic mitigation and healing is fine.

There’s some eyeballs that spawn around the room and channel. If you face directly into it you won’t be affected BUT if not, you take a knockback. They have super low hp and can be 1-2 shot though, they’re great to clean up while waiting on your debuff to drop from Variss.

Also, he will be summoning infernals. Once they get close enough they put down a line you must dodge otherwise its a BIG knockback, usually enough to knock you off the platform. You want to cleave them, I wouldn’t focus them. They never die (they recharge)

Psytalons will spawn from portals that pop up around the room. They’re easily cleaved down but pull them off of Velen! They’ll make quick work of him otherwise.

So thats Phase 1. Little chaotic but once you get the dance down you’re onto Phase 2!

You not longer deal with the eyeballs, but there are purple lines that go along the platform, they will push you back in the direction they’re going. If ones on you, easy to run through.. 2 could actually push you off the platform,  so dodge accordingly.

Kruul will start wailing on you and there are 3 big things to worry about with him:

  1. Annihilate, do not bother interrupting this. He will put a stack on you that makes you take increased damage from physical attacks, just have your big mitigation ready for as the stacks get higher (active mitigation is fine for the first couple)
  2. Netherstomp, he will jump at you and leave a pool behind, get out of this ASAP.
  3. Twisted Reflection, the absolute most important thing to interrupt. It will heal him significantly and usually cause a wipe.

Depending on how long P1 took you, you’ll have that same amount of infernals up. Psytalons will continue to spawn here.

Thats the fight! Use Velens golden balls to save you (drop in hp, getting overwhelmed) or to interrupt casts you cant reach.

Tip: Keep Goblin gliders in hand incase of knockback



Last but certainly not least: 

End of a Risen Threat – Lord Erdris Thorn and far too many friends..

This is for every healer (Except Discipline priest)

Theres a LOT to this fight so I apologize now for the length.

Stage 1: You’ve got 3 buddies to “help” you, they’ll be taking some major damage throughout first and last phases, if any of them die, you lose the challenge.

You’ll face all the mobs in front of you but one wave at a time. Starting with the archer, you’ll see quickly their mana sting ability, this will drain your mana and hurt pretty bad so try to run it into Jarod.

Wave 2 – The mage you’ll want to stun when its at about 4 stacks, while running arrows into Jarod still. Toss in some DPS on these mobs where you can but never forget that keeping the npc’s alive is priority.

From here its a few more waves, and depending on your class it may play out differently. Dont be afraid to use cooldowns and even hero if needed to help through this part. (Theres a few points you can sit and wait for cooldowns and whatnot)

After these are done with and the npc’s run off, take your time to get your mana back, and be prepared to be far more offensive. Follow them and you’ll face a few things. The eyes will explode for a good amount of damage so dont aoe! Just kill one, heal, kill one, repeat.

In the hallway you’ll see a Doomguard type mob, pull him into the empty room and finish him off with his bats (no big deal).

Next you’ll see some orbs, one hit will disable them for a short time, but if you run into them you get a good amount of damage, so avoid it! Click the gate and target the mob that is running around feared on the other side. As soon as the gate drops, dispel it immediately and heal the 3 adds. Why? Youve got an archer coming up and you can use these spirits as your shield against its mana sting! But if they die off you cannot.

Next gate you’ll see many orbs ahead, take your time and dont get hit while disabling them and moving into the room at the top. Destroy the inquisitor mob and the eyes at your leisure.

This is another spot you can sit, wait, swap talents, etc.

Next can be either easy or difficult depending on your class, talents, legendaries, etc. Your 3 buddies are all going to start wailing on eachother and they do a LOT of damage, so keep that in mind. On top of this, he will go into the middle and grab 3 souls from the crowd to pull in, your goal is to heal them all up before they reach him (will explain why after).

As you enter, the spirit on the right will be targettable first so again, dont be afraid to stagger your cooldowns just to not let the npc’s die AND to not let spirits reach him.

After this phase, if any spirits did reach him they become active, and depending on which ones got through you’ll have an okay time or a terrible one. Try your best to clean them up quick!

Last phase is just him, but if you’ve fought Nightbane, you’re going to understand this quite well. You’ll get a debuff called Ignite soul, you’ll need to drop your hp under 50% using the pools he puts under you, BUT you cant let your hp dip low enough where you get picked off. When it explodes, heal yourself, you can dip it again later.

So all the while hes jumping at you and dropping green puddles so MAKE SURE TO MOVE TO THE EDGE. If you’ve got abilities that let you move quick you’ll have little-no trouble getting off the green. Toss in some DPS where you can too!









———————————–TIPS AND TRICKS——————————-



I’ll do this class by class. This is all just stuff that I found helped me specifically, this may be different from your playstyle, legendaries or preference. Don’t be afraid to deviate from any guides to match what you currently have!! (Thats the biggest tip I can give for this!)

Make sure every toon can use hero/bloodlust (Drums for those that arent shamans/ hunter/mages.

Food will vary depending on your challenge and I will try to note it under specific classes specs!

Make sure to use flasks, dont be afraid to use stam flask if you’re lesser geared either!

Usually Potion of Prolonged power is the way to go.


For healers: If youre on the last phase, are running out of mana or anything, and are afraid you cant heal the next ignite soul, consider dpsing him hard as you can and dying. This actually saved me on holy priest! (even without having Guardian spirit available)

For those on Sigryn, on every single toon I used a simple macro that saved me a lot of trouble


/target Sigryn

/cast (insert stun/interrupt here)



This is for when shes casting Blood of the Father, hit that macro and get back to business right after!

  1. Paladin
  2. Druid
  3. Warlock
  4. Mage
  5. Demon hunter
  6. Shaman
  7. Monk
  8. Hunter
  9. Warrior
  10. Rogue
  11. Deathknight
  12. Priest






Food: Bear Tartar for speed boost.

This fight is going to feel FAR easier with both gear and if you have Tyelca, Ferren Marcus’s Stature (The legendary pants) due to the fact the adds can hurt quite a lot without them, but it IS doable without these. Sephuz was a large boost!

Talents wise I went 2-1-1-2-1-3-2

Seraphim is a massive dps increase for p1 and a big survival cooldown against Kruul himself. I found getting to 5 stacks even at lesser gear was fine for P1, so really lay into him! If you want to get to P2 to practice I advise you use drums on pull and do NOT FORGET TO PRE-POT!

Another big tip is if you know hes jumping at you soon and you need to get out, hand of freedom yourself preemptively.

Do yourself a favor as well, make a macro as follows:

/cancelaura Divine shield

Super simple right? The reason for this is, if you’re spending a long time on Kruul and hes about to hit you with annihilate but you have nothing outside of active mitigation, you can bubble, taunt him, and he’ll stay on you for 3 seconds. As soon as he smacks your bubble, hit the macro to drop your shield and keep your threat/avoid him smacking Velen

Tip: Keep Goblin gliders in hand incase of knockback



Food: Mastery or Haste (depending which you may need more)

This fight really isn’t terrible, take your time! There is no enrage! Talents depends on your gear. If you have 2 or 4 set from Antorus, go with 1-3-2-2-2-1-2

If you don’t have 2 or 4 set Antorus I would just go with what you’re comfy with on the 15 and 30 tree’s! As for legendaries you don’t really “need” any in particular, but prydaz for the damage reduction, AegisJalmur will absolutely save your butt, and Aggramars will help you get to everything to survive in time! If none of these are options for you, just adjust to what you do have!



Food: Crit or Haste

This fight is long, BUT Beacon of Faith is AMAZING! The fact you can heal all 3 npc’s at once basically makes this a lot easier! For talents I used 3-2-1-1-2-2-1

Legendaries wont make a big difference, work with what you need! Are you lesser geared? Prydaz and Sephuz. Chain of Thrayn is handy for the healing boost if you’re surviving fine but they’re not.

Just have those melee attacks ready to go and help them kill! If you decide to spec into repentance thats perfectly fine, BUT NEVER EVER USE IT ON THE MAGE. If you incapacitate the mage, your 3 buddies will not get back on it until the other mobs are dead. Stun the mage, incap the archer on his mana sting cast.

Last phase, don’t underestimate that lovely bubble of yours. If you even need to use it for a dps increase (Stand in the bad and dps the holy heck out of him)





2. Druid~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Food: Mastery or Versatility, bear tartar gets wasted with this spec imo.

Legendaries! Your preferred options are Luffa Wrappings (Or, as a backup, Ekowraith) and aside from those, any other legendaries are great. You can work with almost anything else.

Talents – 3-3-1-1-2-2-1 were my preferences.

Obviously depending on if you have tier you may want to swap those around but try various things!

Now druids get to cheat a little. You can thrash the inquisitor if you stand RIGHT on the outside of the debuff circle. So .. this means you can lay into him, step off, pick up adds, thrash away onto them AND him.. its pretty strong!

Druids one of the few tanks that deals with a mechanic on the smaller adds. They will start casting Netherstorm. You MUST use Incapacitating roar on these to stop them, or use a Velen orb to do it. This storm will destroy you especially with multiple!

Just use your dps cooldowns on phase 1! Use moonfire on the eyes to not even have to move to them.

Kruul himself is a pain, but your health will help mitigate the circles he drops, use stampede when you need to get to an orb, and otherwise use pot/hero soon as hes available to attack, and anything as it comes up. Save big cooldowns for Annihilate and you’ll be great! (Keep ironbark up too)

Tip: Keep Goblin gliders in hand incase of knockback




Food – Spiced Falcosaur Omelet (trust me)

So you want to be a glowstick kitty? Welcome to one of the easiest! (If done right)

Talents – 1-2-1-1-3-2-1

Predator is so insanely strong here, as is brutal slash with so many adds. When adds pop up, use all 3 charges of slash while making sure to constantly hit that Tiger’s fury button! Keep your focus on her unless you absolutely have to swap. Dodge boulders, follow her as she ports, kill off adds.. And there’s not much else to say!

Heavy finger on that Tiger’s fury! Use hero when shes closer to 30% and just ported to speed it up too.




Food – Mastery

Talents – 2-2-3-3-1-1-2

The biggest part of this is Stellar Drift. You want to drop your starfalls where you’re running, that way you can just kite like a maniac while you dont have to stop casting! Typhoon will save you if anythings catching up. Just make sure you focus down that portal and try to save something like displacer beast for getting onto the rune to avoid the extra add. Just keep running my friends and thats about it for moonkin!

Legendaries I personally loved were Sephuz and Prydaz, but I’ve been told if you have Oneth’s Intuition its really strong too.



Food – Mastery

Legendaries – This can get tough, as people used different things sometimes for each phase! Personally though.. My go-to was prydaz and Velen’s. (I do advise you remove prydaz for the last phase after the hallway though, as the shield is literally useless, if not messing up your chance at this. Use anything else instead!)

For talents I used 3-2-3-3-2-3-1. The tier 100 talent can also be Stonebark! Typhoon is great for interrupts against the mage, or to get the fixate-dudes off you.

This mostly just comes down to keeping those HoTS up and be prepared with those instant heals! Also don’t underestimate how much damage moonfire/sunfire do, keep those dots up to speed up phases! I liked Velen’s trinket just for sake of an extra cooldown, especially for the second to last phase with the ghosts.





3. Warlock~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Affliction (One of my favorite mogs by the way)WoWScrnShot_060718_111805

Food: Mastery

Legendaries.. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times already, but Sacrolash’s Dark Strike is AMAZINGGGGG! I also used Pillars of the Dark Portal. Now! If you don’t have Sacrolash its still doable, but you will want more gear to make up for it.

***New tip!*** (Suggested by @RealCeeJai)

If you dont have portal pants or Sacrolash, if you have Sephuz and Bear Tartare you’ll have many speed boosts, since the food procs off killing the adds.


For talents I personally used 2-2-1-2-2-1-1 BUT please keep in mind you can mess with different builds so, you’re not locked in a box.

Now, seriously big tip: As a pet class guess what? You can use your pet to soak the runes!~ Its amazingly convenient! Just bind its “move to” ability somewhere convenient and send him onto the runes so you can forget about them. You just focus on surviving, use your doomguards interrupt on the Hand from Beyond, and use those lovely Portal pants to get out of trouble.

(I did this with Sacrolash so Im afraid I have no advice for those without it. Check wowhead guide because there are some there though!)




Food – Haste

I will admit that I had no Demo legendaries for this, I actually just used Prydaz and Sephuz I believe!

For talents I went with 3-1-2-1-1-1-3

Personally I’d use drums on pull while you can attack all 3 easily.

This is a long fight, and depending on your gear it may take even longer. I was very unfamiliar with this spec but it basically came down to demonic empowerment and hit everything else you have available in the meantime!

Use Cripple vs Jarl when he’s chasing you.

Save your Doomguards Shadow lock for Runeseer after you break the bubble.

Use mortal coil as your interrupt vs Sigryn for Blood of the father (Macro up under tips and tricks)




Food – Haste or Mastery

Legendaries I personally found to be the most useful were good ‘ol Sephuz and Prydaz!

Talents – 1-1-2-3-2-1-3 were my preference

Honestly this is one of the easier fights overall (The challenge as a whole). Be ready to interrupt, fear, or stun Tugar’s Fel burst abilitiy. I usually managed it between Felguards interrupt, fear, and mortal coil. Heroism can easily be used at the start, just make sure to be ready for a little bit of increased damage in the phase vs the worm. Just take your time with this, run the worm into piles of dirt, interrupt the bad cast, and kill the stun totem. You’ll be great!




4. Mage~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Food – Crit

Talents – This will absolutely come down to your playstyle, I messed with them a lot as I swapped out legendaries and whatnot. I ended up on 2-1-3-2-3-3-1

Legendaries I ended up on were Sephuz and Koralon’s Burning Touch

Being an add heavy fight, I walked into this with a big head and got STOMPED. Don’t take it lightly! Save things like Phoenix’s flames for the adds, amke sure to drop flame strikes on them, and use hero where it suits you best. If you try it without it at the start and feel you fell behind, try using it on the pull.

Keep your shields up at all times! Use Frost Nova to your advantage against the channeling imps that run in from the back (Shimmer to them, frost nova, then you can usually kill at least 1, if not both, before the channel starts or not long after).

Save your counterspell for the boss once her shield drops, but you can use Dragon’s breath to interrupt the adds! If you have the scorch belt, it may save you trouble for the sub 30% section as it did for me. With it being such a fast cast AND on the move while dodging boulders you can really pick off the adds fast. If hero at the start or end isn’t helping, use it closer to when she first teleports. Sometimes you just need a boost!




Food – Bear tartar is super handy here

Talents – 3-1-3-3-1-3-1 were my choices

Why no lonely winter? Because your pet can stand on runes for you so you dont have to potentially go into bad stuff, or let adds catch up to you to get rid of them!

Legendaries I ended up using were Prydaz and Belo-vir’s Final Stand. (Or sephuz instead of Prydaz)

Keep in mind as you’re running from Karam that you can frost nova him if he gets too close, otherwise cast as you can, use procs as they come up, etc.

As adds start to pop up, your 2 best friends will be blizzard and Frozen orb. You can almost constantly pump out orbs due to the massive group of mobs that you’re also conveniently slowing! Once Karam starts chasing you again, make him your top target for icelances and otherwise. You dont want him to suddenly catch up to you without you expecting it.

Bind your “move to” option of your pet to your bar so you can stick him on runes, and counterspell the Grasp from beyond at the end of its cast (make sure its dead before its next cast)

If you feel P1 is taking too long, use Icy veins on it, if not, save it for the adds when you’ve got many procs of icelance!



Food – Crit

Talents 2-3-3-3-1-3-3

Legendaries I used were Gravity Spiral and Belo’Vir

Make a macro for this (In the tips and tricks section) and for your interrupt use Polymorph.

Displacement is amazingly convenient for the runes, make sure to make good use of it to zip around quickly! If you take a while then you’ll notice the caster will almost spam his shield, at this point you’ll need to use everything you’ve got to not waste extra time on it.

Chrono Shift talent is for when Jarl is chasing you. The speed boost and slow is fantastic for it.

This fight is all about burst when you can, evo when there aren’t mechanics coming up (especially with Sigryn poly’d) etc. ONLY use Poly on her Blood of the Father cast! (and be careful not to break her out early)

Big, big big, BIG BIG BIG WARNING. 

If you blink in the wrong direction, the wall does not stop you, you will blink outside it and they will immediately reset. Its terrible and happened to me way too much 😦



5. Demon Hunter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Food – Crit

Personally I had 4 set, plus Raddon’s helm and Achor Legendaries

Talents – 3-3-2-3-2-2-3

So, biggest tip for this. When he puts you into the Comet storm, just double jump and Fel rush forward. On top of this, you can Chaos nova before you do to soak some souls on your way over it (or for a healing boost)

For Arcane phase, if you choose Netherwalk over Soul Rending you can zip right on over to the shimmer at least the first time! Otherwise just take your time, fel rush, destroy the add, and continue on.

For the transition, if you have Mo’arg Bionic Stabilizers you can do yourself a favor and toss them on, and swap to Bloodlet in your talents. This will just assist a bit with the adds but is absolutely not necessary so don’t stress it either! Just save things like eyebeams and strong stun for the adds and get back on that boss.



Food – Vers or bear tartar, I’d advise bear tartar if you can’t kill off the eyes quickly with throw glaive.

Talents – 1-2-2-2-3-3-1

The legendaries I ended up with were Spirit of the Darkness Flame and Sephuz

Demon hunters have HIGH damage, so this is all about getting your butt out of this fight as fast as possible! If you keep spirit bomb up on everything around you you’ll barely notice your hp.

Now, as with druids, you’ll have to worry about those little annoying adds doing Nether Storm. If you swap between your Sigil of Misery and Sigil of Silence for these though, they’ll be cake! This is why I preferred quickened sigils to avoid a single cast going off.

For Kruul himself just cycle through your cooldowns, leaving Last Resort as.. a last resort. Demon spikes, Fiery Brand, and Meta will save you from this! (And make sure to interrupt his twisted reflection!

If the adds catch up and you’re feeling overwhelmed or knocked away, use Velen’s orbs to interrupt the adds.

Tip: Keep Goblin gliders in hand incase of knockback



6. Shaman~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THIS MACRO IS SUPER HANDY! It will let you just hit a keyboard button and drop it where ever your mouse is 🙂

/cast [@Cursor] Lightning Surge Totem


Food – Spiced Falcosaur Omelet

Talents – 3-1-1-2-3-3-1 (Some prefer lightning rod, this will be personal preference)

Legendaries I used were Roots of Shaladrassil and Sephuz

For this encounter, obviously chain lightning is a beast, especially when paired with Stormkeeper. Stormkeeper is such a short cooldown it wont be up for ALL the adds, but it’s going to be up often enough for you to clean up the area in no time. If you’re running into issues with adds, save it specifically for the bigger packs.

If you find yourself missing or not able to use Elemental Blast as often as you’d like, consider using Primal Elementalist instead!

This fight is very straight forward for shaman. You should save lightning surge totem for the 2 channeling adds as they reach the boss (This way if others are up you can maybe stun them too) then chain lightning off them onto the boss. Make sure to keep those totems down and gust of wind can be a life saver if you see a boulder about to hit you, or just to get across the room after translocate!



Food – Mastery

Flask – Use agi, or stam if you feel you’re a bit squishy!

Talents – 3-1-1-2-1-1-1 was my preference

Legendaries I used – Roots of Shaladrassil and Sephuz

Throughout this encounter, you’ll notice your health moving a lot.. Make sure to keep rainfall down and stay still as often as you can if you have the legendary pants!I advise you check out the macro up above the classes under Tips and tricks for this fight, and set it to your hex to CC her on Blood of the Father instantly.

Spirit walk is super convenient for getting rid of those runes asap! Feel free to interrupt the heck out of those Shadowbolts too as you’re taking a lot of damage. (Just make sure to also use it after you break the bubble!

If your hp starts dropping more then you’d like, astral shift and spam healing surge! If you don’t have astral shift, spam that healing surge anyhow! Use cooldowns as often as possible. IF you dont have as much gear, save them to break the bubble, but if you feel you can comfortably pop it without cooldowns, dont hold onto them.



Food – Mastery

Talents (My preference for playstyle) 3-1-1-1-3-3-1

Check out the macro for lightning surge totem just under the 6. Shaman part up above.

Legendaries – Velen’s and Praetorian’s Tidecallers are what I used most of the time.

So, this first phase is all about keeping yourself and the others alive while not getting hit by things. Sadly Hex is not viable since it doesn’t work on undead, so your main options here are Wind Shear and Lightning Surge. Personally, I’d start with Wind shear once the mage hit 3 stacks, then follow up with lightning cap and hit as many adds as I could. The CC of shamans makes this far easier. Also help dps when you can! Even if just flame shocks.

Now as you should know, resto mastery is will heal lower hp targets bigger. This is great for when you or the npc’s suddenly dip, BUT can be problematic for last phase when you’re trying to not die but not heal yourself up. Personally Id just let myself dip, when the debuff is about to explode AND hes jumping at me, I use Gust of wind, this kept me from extra damage/dying and then could heal up after.




7. Monk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Food – Mastery

So, in my opinion Windwalker is one of the easiest due to the fact you can be lower Ilvl and get away with high damage. On that note!

Legendaries – Sephuz and Pyrdaz, although almost anything works

Talents – 2-2-1-3-3-3-2   Please note: If certain talents seem more appealing to you, try them out! (Healing elixir over Dampen Harm is a good example)

For Trugar’s Fel Burst cast, you have many advantages between Spear hand Strike, Paralysis, and Leg sweep. If you miss this cast you may die so make this a priority to watch out for!

Just like the usual strat: Get that stun totem, stand on the patches when the worms burrowed, and interrupt him on sonic scream for when you’re just fighting him (stuns etc as well). I personally also saved drums for the worm. Faster he drops, easier this fight is!



Food – Vers or Bear tartar, your preference on if you feel you need the speed boost or not!

Legendaries – Prydaz and Sephuz

Talents – 1-1-2-2-1-3-3

The biggest thing I noticed in this fight was how spikey my monk was, it was terrifying. Try to move past that step where that makes you nervous and go from there!

Keg smash does so much damage that you’ll love it! Depending on your gear, you’ll feel it even more. Be prepared to have it up for adds so you can cleave them down as quick as possible (I advise you stack on Inquisitor for it to hit him too).

Summon Black Ox Statue is wonderful, drop it on Velen and then set up a macro for yourself like below


/target Black ox statue

/cast provoke


^The above will allow you to taunt the adds to you without deselecting Inquisitor

The brightside of your spikey hp, is that you do lots of damage so make sure you use that to your advantage and get out of P1 as quickly as you possibly can to make P2 easier. The adds will hit you with psytalons and this hurts a lot so, after keg smash, focus them down.

As a note: You can use Paralysis to interrupt him if you don’t want to add to your stacks or waste a Velen ball.

You can also use Transcendence to save yourself if you do get knocked off. May not need it, but good to have!

Save Fortifying brew for one of the later Annihilates since its such a longer but powerful cooldown for yourself.

Use drums where you see fit. If P1 is lasting too long on your attempts, use it at the start, if Kruul’s your problem, save it for when he lands on P2.

And, most importantly.. Keg smash before Breath of Fire! Just keep practicing and stay calm as you can! Its easy to screw up if you start to stress.

Tip: Keep Goblin gliders in hand incase of knockback



Food – Crit or haste, or pure stats (feast)

Legendaries I used were Velen’s and Prydaz

Talents – 1-3-3-3-3-2-2

As with all the healer challenges, this is tough! Extra so in my opinion for the fact that if you want to add to dps you have to be in melee.

So a few things to note: Leg sweep is best saved for when the mage hits 4 stacks, or if no mage, just whoevers giving you the most trouble. Just keep in mind it does have a 45 second cooldown!

Use paralysis on the adds, especially the archers, but NEVER EVER EVER USE IT ON THE MAGE. Why? The npc’s will swap off of it until everything else is dead. This goes for Quaking palm as well if you’re a panda.

Use your cooldowns at your discretion, but try to have one up for each wave. I found wave 1 and 2 I didnt need any, but it got scary after that!

Also if you hit the last wave, go to town! You can wait for them to come off cooldown before you move on.

For the hallway its easy since you do so much damage, just watch those eye explosions.

Now, for the healing ghost phase, dont be afraid to dump your cooldowns to either keep the npc’s alive or keep those ghosts from reaching him. You shouldn’t need them after this phase! (Life cocoon I saved for the npc’s if one was suddenly dipping)

For the very last phase, if you’re specced into Celerity you’ll be able to roll everytime he jumps at you that your hp is low, I found this extremely useful. Keep in mind- If you prefer Tiger’s lust for earlier phases you can just swap to Celerity before the last part!





8. Hunter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beast MasteryWoWScrnShot_060718_115542

Food – Mastery

Legendaries – Preferably having roots of Shaladrassil for the passive heal, otherwise dealers choice! With so many interrupts and stuns, Sephuz would be a solid choice.

Pet – I just used a Nether Ray but some folks used something with a survival cooldown incase they missed a Fel burst cast!

Talents – 2-2-1-2-3-1-2 were my choices!

For the fight itself, between Intimidation, Counter Shot, and Freezing trap I was able to catch every single interrupt without issue! Just cycle on through them.

I personally used Hero at the start, BUT if you don’t have Roots legendary, I’d advise you save it for Phase 2.

Make sure to interrupt sonic scream on P2 now that you can use all those lovely abilities on just him. Easy peasy! Stand in the earthquake piles and all that just as the normal strat and get that stun totem! (Adds will die easily)




Food – Mastery

Legendaries – I had Call of the Wild, and Ullr’s Feather Snowshoes

Talents – 1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Was my set up, BUT if you want to save yourself a little trouble, spec into something else for tier 15 talent. You can use your pet to soak runes if thats a problem for you! If runes dont seem to be an issue, keep the damage boost of Lone Wolf!

This fights all about staying on the move and doing as much damage as possible. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at playing MM hunter, BUT if you know how to dps properly all you need to do is – Tar trap to keep things slowed, Binding shot is a savior, and thankfully due to their aoe, you can nicely group up mobs and Karem and just aoe till your hearts content!

Make sure to use concussive shot on Karem as well to keep him slowed.

Another big tip for this is using Freezing trap on Karem so you can stay a bit more still and use your aimed shot.

Thankfully since hunters are known for kiting, it’ll take some getting used to (constantly moving) but once you manage that, you’re on the right track!



Food – Vers (or whatever you have, pretty sure I just used mastery)

Pet – If you’re a bit more geared, just have a nether ray on hand! If you’re a bit behind on ilvl, have something like a turtle and a nether ray ready to go!

Talents – 1-3-2-1-1-1-1

Legendaries – Call of the wild is great! Otherwise Roots, Sephuz, really your choice depending on ilvl and if you need more defensive or offensive.

For p1 when he traps you in ice, I burned all 3 charges of butchery to break myself out. If this isnt enough for you start by dropping explosive trap and THEN use your 3 charges.

For arcane, this is some of the most fun I had.. Because you can harpoon to the nearest add, Flanking strike, then harpoon the next, flanking strike.. and get across the room in such a fashionable and fun way, it was winwin! (Please have flare ready too, as soon as you can reach him with that, toss it at the shimmer to make him come out of arcane)

As soon as shadow dude spawns, make sure to get to an edge and burn Netherwinds (You can swap pets in the transition phase)

As soon as he starts casting on you, run across the room, and as the adds spawn drop your caltrops, burn 3 stacks of butchery, and just finish them off! (Also remember Ranger’s net if you need more time).

As long as you’re prepared for the adds, this phase is a breeze!




9. Warrior~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Food – Bear Tartare or Versatility, depending on what you need

Legendaries – I ended up with Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles and Timeless Stratagem

Talents – 1-1-3-2-1-3-1

For the fight itself, phase one isn’t too bad in my opinion. Just pick up adds, destroy those eyes, and if you have the legendary shoulders, ALWAYS save 1 charge of leap for if you get knocked off.

The adds get cleaved down fairly easily but don’t let them live too long!

Save some of your rage to use ignore pain when you’re out of melee of Inquisitor but he’s casting at you with the debuff on. This can destroy you if you’re not careful.

I used shockwave when the adds were stacked up to get the reduced CD on the ability.

For Kruul himself though, you get a very unique thing as a prot warrior.  Instead of interrupting his Twisted reflection, you can Spell Reflection it, and this will allow you to get SO much extra healing on p2! You just have to be quick! If he gets it onto you, you may wipe.

Aside from that, use leaps when he leaps at you, or if you quickly need to get an orb. Be ready for adds and increased damage from Annihilation. For those stacks always try to use both Shield block and Ignore pain. You’ve got many cooldowns to use (Demoralizing shout, Shield Wall, Last stand) just make sure to stagger them!



Food – Mastery

Legendaries – Timeless Stratagem and Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles. If you don’t have these just work with what you have!

Talents – There is a transition here where you can flip-flop your talents, If you do want to do this I advise

P1 – 1-3-3-2-3-1-1

P2 – 3-1-3-1-3-1-1

If you dont want to flip talents:


Of course any talents come down to personal preference, but having sweeping strikes and shockwave for adds on last phase is very important!

For the fight itself, biggest tip I can give is that when he traps you in ice, click your heroic leap, have your circle ready outside of it as soon as you’re not stunned, do one jump and then click. This may take some practice, but once you do this you can ignore the frost circle so long as you have a leap charge ready!

For arcane, if you have the shoulders, you can burn a cooldown and leap your way from bubble to bubble to shimmer to knock him out of it very quickly.

As for the last phase with the shadow dude, it’s very important that as soon as you get casted on that you RUN! Give yourself lots of space to kill off the adds. If you have cooldowns use them on the adds (especially save Battle cry for adds). Get one down to execute at least so you can cleave it onto the others. Use Hamstring very liberally along with shockwave!

If you have convergence you may even be able to use battle cry on both the boss and adds, but I didn’t have one to test it.



Food – Spiced Falcosaur Omelet (So strong!)

Legendaries – Timeless Stratagem and Kazzalax, Fujieda’s Fury

Talents – 1-1-1-1-2-3-2

War machine is absolutely indispensable, Wrecking ball made a huge difference in my attempts and kill over Avatar, Furious Charge saved my butt several times!

Personally I had a small issue with this fight, and the thing that made me get my kill was simple.. I played like Fury! I was trying to hang onto cooldowns and play logically, but instead went into ME SMASH mode and finally got it! Go at this one hard guys!

The only thing I’d save is Battle Cry for adds. That pops up, burn whirlwind a few times, finish off any remaining and move on!

If her Dark Fury is coming up save Odyn’s fury for it and things like that, but otherwise go ham! Shockwave is great on the adds too.



10. Rogue


Food – Mastery

Legendaries – Mantle of the Master Assassin and Will of Valeera

Talents – 1-1-3-2-3-1-1

This fight isn’t terribly complicated and rogues have a LOT in their arsenal not only to survive but to deal some nasty damage back.

Check the macro I suggested under Sigryn for CC, and make one for blind! This is used when shes casting Blood of the Father to keep her from being an issue!

Otherwise you do this fight just like any other version and play assassination normally. You can stun blade storm, break the bubble very quickly with assassins short cooldowns and interrupt him, and if you get stuck anywhere where you don’t want to be, feint/cloak/evasion/Crimson Vial are all your friends!

Please note: You can safely Vanish to proc your shoulders and Nightstalker, they’re all sentries so they won’t reset!



Food – Spiced Falcosaur Omelet

Talents – 2-2-1-2-3-2-2

Legendaries I had were GReenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs and Will of Valeera

This fight can get a bit crazy with the fact outlaw doesn’t necessarily have a lot of cleave (with the adds slightly spread out)

As this is Outlaw, theres a good amount of RNG involved. Quite often I’d only get 1 buff with full points for Roll the Bones. This may take a few attempts to get some good luck so stay patient!

I personally loved Marked for death to help dispatch the adds easier and quicker. If they’re grouped up enough make sure to toss on Blade Flurry, BUT ALSO MAKE SURE TO TURN IT OFF. Do not use marked for death on the imp mother. Save things like Adrenaline rush and all that for her!

This is a lot of target swapping, just favor Umbral imps, run the exploding imps out if you cant stun or kill them, then move onto the others. If you use marked for death you’ll always have a boost on them!

When she’s low enough and you just killed off a wave of adds, make the judgement call to burn everything on her to finish her off. Hero at your discretion just don’t use it when you feel she may teleport!

Keep in mind the massive amount of survival that rogues have. Cloak is great for if a boulder is about to hit you, feint + Elusiveness stops SO much damage overall, etc!



Food – Crit (unless you have lots of crit, then go vers!)

Legendaries – Will of Valeera and The First of the Dead

Talents – 2-2-3-2-3-2-2

For the fight itself, it can be a little tough! I actually had a hard time with this (but I also never play Sub >.>)

My advice is: When he traps you in the frost circle, Feint,  then use shadow dance and spam Shuriken Storm to get out. For this entire phase only use shadow dance for this specific thing! You’ll have it up every single time and its incredibly convenient!

For arcane phase just keep in mind that you can interrupt the mobs to keep in their bubble.. BUT you can also just hit Sprint and Cloak and run over to the shimmer to get him out. I found being a little lesser geared it was about 20 seconds off by the next arcane phase, so I just killed time in bubbles until it came back up to repeat! If you don’t want to wait though, this is a great place to use Marked for Death. Just toss it on the add you’re running to to start on it with 5-combo points.

For the very last phase, it can get frustrating. Because you don’t have an aoe slow you have to do many target swaps! What I did specifically was the following:

Target one add, Symbols of Death and Nightblade, target second, Marked for Death, Nightblade, Target third, Foremaws bite, get to 5 points, nightblade, then swap back to first. Nightblades slow only lasts so long so its important to swap and reapply. Anywhere you can, burn shadow dance and shuriken storm as well! Once they’re down, lay into the boss.

If he enrages make sure to evasion!



11. Deathknight


Food – Bear Tartare

Legendaries I used were Soul of the Deathlord and Aggramar’s Stride, but you can work with several!

Talents – 1-1-1-2-1-2-3 (Keep in mind for tier 90 I got Foul Bulwark too due to my ring)

Blood has it pretty good with the fact they can mitigate so much damage even while further away that as long as you cycle your cooldowns properly you’ll be good!

Keep in mind for the eyes you can just toss Death’s Caress at them and forget them, don’t bother running all the way over!

Talents again will come down to pure playstyle, if mine doesn’t work for you try some different ones.

BIG NOTE – You can absolutely Deathgrip Inquisitor. This I found out when I Gorefiend’s Grasped the adds.. and he came with them, putting more stacks onto me and killing me. Keep this in mine for either convenience or to survive!

Make sure you use either your interrupt (ranged) or Asphyxiate (also ranged) to interrupt him! As for P2 you can use Asphyxiate against Kruul himself. I’m quite sure you can also Deathgrip him, which can be very convenient with all that stuff on the ground, or trying to pull him towards an orb, etc.

I advise using drums on phase 2 for Kruul himself, use your dps cooldowns on the first group of adds especially if you can mass-grip them all onto Kruul and with any infernals. This will clear the entire field outside of Kruul for a solid chunk of time! (And don’t forget to interrupt twisted reflection!)



Food – MasteryWoWScrnShot_060718_120722

Legendaries – I had Soul of the Deathlord and Aggramar’s stride, but there are several that are great! Especially Acherus Drapes for survival, Prydaz for same! Really you can work with almost anything.

Talents – 1-2-1-3-1-2-1 (Keep in mind with Soul of the Deathlord I got Gathering Storm as well)

Frost is nice in the sense that a lot of its cooldowns are short. For ice phase also when you’re in the comet storm, you’ll get to proc Dark Succor lots! So hammer away at that Deathstrike to stay alive! I used AMS on the first, IBF on second, and AMS was back for later ones! (And once you get close enough you can grip him to you, instead of running all the way over)

For Arcane phase, if you happen to have AMS up and are quick you can skip most of, even if just partial room with AMS+Wraith Walk. Soon as you reach an add after they drop off you interrupt it and kill it, then continue on.

I personally just burned cooldowns as they came up since they were so short, but if you find comet storm giving you issues save them for that instead.

For shadow monster, pull him to an edge and hang onto Remorseless Winter until you get channeled on. Once this happens book it as far away as you can and hit remorseless as soon as the adds spawn. Keep them slowed destroy them fast as you can, this is the best time for cooldowns in my opinion since if a single one reaches him they heal him for a LOT. (also, again Dark succor off these adds to heal up fully)

Rinse, repeat, slay the monster, use personals when needed (especially if he enrages) and grats on your swords!



Food – Spiced Falcosaur Omelet

Legendaries I used were Sephuz and Soul of the Deathlord

Talents – 3-2-3-1-3-1-2 (Keep in mine I had soul of the Deathlord so I also got Bursting Sores)

I found Unholy challenging since I hadn’t quite played it yet this expansion before the challenge. I advise you do a little research on how to play it properly! (Icy-veins gives great basic info!)

Some people prefer Soul Reaper but I personally found defile against the adds to be WAY better for me, but again, playstyle! You choose what works!

As with any Agatha fight, you want to make sure to watch out for the various adds. Umbral will shield her, Smoldering will just cast at you, Imp servants will channel on her and boost her damage / give a slight heal, and fuming imps will leave behind a puddle of bad for the entire fight that are a pain. For their spawns I advise you run out, grip if its available, let them start casting then run back in to finish off other adds!

I also saved most of my cooldowns for Dark Fury to get that bubble down asap. With so many target swaps sometimes I just couldn’t catch up for the shield. Dark succor passive will be a literal life saver, after every add dies make sure to hammer away at Death Strike!

With the boulders, they can be annoying especially if the bad poison is in a bad spot, but Wraith Walk is your savior for this since you can float very fast over it to get out of the way.

For Imp servants, it’s good to grip one over to the other for sake of cleaving as well from you and your pet.

On that note, keep a close eye on your pet! It likes to get picked off, just be prepared to resummon (I only had to do it once)

I personally used hero around 30% right after a teleport along with army of the dead for a dps boost! Also with the food I recommended, you’ll have some great dps boosts each time an add dies.




12. Priest



Food – Dealers choice, I used haste because thats what I had

Legendaries I used were Soul of the High Priest, and Sephuz

Talents – 2-3-2-3-2-3-1 Please note I also got Twist of Fate due to my ring (but that talent isn’t really convenient here. Just had nothing else to choose from)

Obviously this fights a little different for a “healer”. First off for Fel Burst you can’t interrupt every cast, but you can get every other one while specced into Psychic Voice. For the ones you can’t get you need to mitigate and heal. This is easy enough between Power word: Shield, Shadow Mend, Power word:Barrier, etc. I advise you to save Pain suppression for the later scarier ones, but I had little to no issue healing through it until his later casts!

In the meantime, just pound away at him with penance, smite, Shadow Word: Pain, Light’s Wrath, Mindbender, Halo, etc. Power infusion can be used as either a defensive or offensive, but I’d suggest offensive to get through P1 asap.

I found Earthquake phase got a little stressful, but just focus down the stun totems, DoT up the adds, make sure to interrupt his Fel Burst while standing on the pile of earth to make the worm hit it, and try to stay calm. Use cooldowns outside of earthquake phase as its a little less chaotic.



Food – Dealers choice, I used Versatility

Legendaries – I used X’anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus, and Soul of the High priest

Talents P1 – 3-3-2-1-3-1-1 Note I also got Surge of Light due to the ring

Last phase (after hallway) – 1-1-2-1-3-1-1

The reason for the talent swap is that I found Trail of light to be VERY convenient when you’re dealing with all the punks attacking eachother plus trying to heal ghosts. Feather was extremely handy for last phase too!

For phase one you deal with wave after wave of mobs, but guess what? They’re undead! Shackle till your hearts content! The only one you never ever EVER want to shackle is the mage. This will force your 3 buddies to swap off of him and not come back until all other mobs are dead. For him you’ll be used Holy word: Chastise along with Censure talent. When he’s at about 4 stacks is when I’d stun him, in the meantime, I shackle either the archer on a mana sting cast, or one of the two fixate-friends on that wave. In the meantime toss out as many holy fires and smites as you can.

As you get into the tougher waves cycle your cooldowns (Hymn, Apotheosis, even guardian). I was hitting mana issues so I’d use my cloak proc (Purposely soak a mana sting and whatnot to die and go into ghost form). This will make you immune from damage, let you spam some heals, etc. I even used drums on the last wave to increase my healing and increase the npc’s damage.

For hallway, take your time but you’ve got it pretty easy. Kill 1 eye at a time, heal. The Felguard looking mob and bats are easily killable, and most importantly, you’ve got a lovely Holy Nova for all those orbs. When you open the gate with the ghosts to heal, I burned Hymn here (because I had a few minutes to wait on exhaustion anyways) then spammed them up (First dispel the feared one of course).

The hall with many orbs are easy to knockout with Holy Nova again.

Once you finish off the guys at the top, stop, change talents, let cooldowns come up and everything! You’ll want to have everything in your arsenal ready to go.

For the ghosts coming in, Wave 1 I would hymn then spam them a bit. IF you swapped into Trail of Light, make sure to swap your targets a bit. Very randomly the npc’s like to drop VERY suddenly as well, I usually would grip Jarod away to give a tiny bit of reprieve from it.

Wave 2, Apotheosis and spam away.

Wave 3, if you healed all 3 from the first 2, you just need to heal 2 so use Sanctify and serenity and spam away. If he got no ghosts he’ll go straight into last phase. Drums to increase the npc’s damage and be prepared for Nightbane flashbacks. When you get the debuff, dive into the bad to drop your hp, BUT be prepared for him to jump at you again and potentially kill you. If you’re quick, you can Chastise him mid-jump and keep him where he is!

If not, have a feather ready in the direction you plan to run to get off it asap. I personally preferred the heal myself up after each one.

One thing that actually saved me on my kill was I knew the debuff was coming soon and I was oom, no cloak proc to fall back on, BUT I still stood in the bad to die. This not only allowed me to have some spam heals, but also no debuff for the duration. As long as he’s low enough, and you pump everything you can HoTS wise before angel form drops, they can absolutely finish him off!



Food – Haste

Legendaries I used were Zenk’aram Iridi’s Anadem and Mother Shahraz’s Seduction

Talents – 1-1-1-2-2-1-3

So this is a very unique fight. You can do this with far less gear then other classes if you do the following strategy.

As soon as the fight starts, pre-pot and burn surrender to madness. This will allow you to cast and move so you can just keep your dots up on Karam while Mindflaying him to keep him slowed, just dont stop running! At 60%, burn Void Eruption and keep casting away, keep that energy bar up!

As soon as he hits 33%, swap to Raest and burn EVERYTHING you have. This is every single cooldown, trinket, drums, second potion, Shadowfiend, and Mindbomb. I personally made a macro to just hit everything at once, this way you can focus on keeping your insanity as high as possible as it does start to drop VERY quickly!

From here on, just kite when you need to, but if you Raest hard enough, you win! No P2 or P3. If you burn Void Eruption too early or dont keep your insanity up you’ll die early, this happened to me a few times just keep giving it a shot!